Bachelor of Tourism Management


The goal of our school is to cultivate the high-grade specialized talents who are equipped with the professional knowledge of tourism management and foreign language competence to adapt to the development of socialist market economy in our country. And these talents can be engaged in the practice, teaching and research activity of tourism operations and management at all levels of tourism administrative departments, International tourism departments and tourism enterprises and public institutions.

This major has three cultivating orientations: Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Exhibition Economy and Management. We adapt modular teaching and implement the preferential “3+1 model” to foster the senior tourism management talents. Besides, we have been advancing International exchanges with the University of South Carolina in the United States, University of San Francisco, University of Manchester, University of Plymouth, Kumamoto University in Japan, University of Angers in France, Hunam University in South Korea; and the eligible has the priority to enter these universities to study for the master’s degree. Also, we offer the French course; the graduates who reach the French standard could be recommended to the University of Angers to study for the Professional Master of Hospitality Management, World Heritage Management, Equestrian Management, etc.


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