Insurance service card for international students


Insurance service card for international students

Zhejiang Gongshang University provides a free medical insurance for the international students, who will study in our university for more than one semester. The insurance service card is to help you to know how to use the insurance.

1、You can visit for any enquiries of any insurance information, insurance liability exemption and for any other related contents.

2Procedures for insurance claims:

Standard procedures of insurance claims after occurrence of insurance accident:


? Please call directly "4008105119" EXT 1 for medical consultation due to disease or accident. The rescue doctor will consult, diagnose, and provide medical guidance and precautions for your insurance claim. After consulting diagnosis and outpatient treatment, if the doctor confirms that further hospitalization is required, the insured can apply in advanced payment of medical expense for hospitalization to the rescue company and hospital, it will be decided whether the advanced payment procedures shall begin. If the insured is directly hospitalized without consulting diagnosis and recording of the doctor of the rescue company and outpatient treatment (including those whose conditions do not meet the requirements of hospitalization but require the outpatient doctor to agree with hospitalization), the rescue company will not be responsible for any advanced payment of medical expense for hospitalization. If advanced payment for medical expenses are made without the above procedures, the insured will not be able to get compensation.
Major accident can be reported to the following contact information:

Telephone number for claim consultation and reporting: 4008105119 EXT 1. You can call 010-67185217 in areas where telephone numbers do not begin with 400. You cannot get compensated without reporting through the 400 call or following the standard procedures.

? If you succeed to report your case to the Insurance company, which will contact the Insurance office of the College of International Education (CIE). The office is responsible to provide the required certification for the treatment of the  insured student.

? The Insurance office will contact the insured student to get the personal information in order to fulfill the certification.

④ The Insurance office should contact the School, where the insured student is studying.

⑤ The School should contact the insured student and it is responsible to help the student who needs help with the medical treatment.

⑥ After treatment in the hospital, the insured student should bring all the the documents needed for settlement of claims to the Insurance office of CIE.

⑦ The Insurance office of CIE should send the materials of the insured student to the Insurance company in order to get the reimbursement of the insured student.

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