Payment Notice for Foreign Students at Zhejiang Gongshang University


Payment Notice for Foreign Students at Zhejiang Gongshang University

Dear students:

   In order to facilitate the payment process, please read the following information carefully and pay your fee accordingly.

     Payment time

   In order to renew your visa before it expires, please pay your school fee from 1st to 16th June, 2015.

     Payment method

     ()  Payment method of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) in Zhejiang province.

     1. Counter payment of ICBC (No commission fee)---recommended

     You can go to any branch bank of ICBC in Zhejiang province, fill out the cash receipt and pay the fee as required. See Sample:

         ICBC  Zhejiang Branch   cash charge    deposit slip

Subject:                           year   month   day     transaction code:  

Filling by bank

Filling by bank only

Filling by users


User’s namestudent’s name  number(enrolled passport number)   period

Amount of payment(capital) ﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍  ﹍﹍﹍﹍

Charge unit: Zhejiang Gongshang University 12020724

    Payment type: tuition  electric rate  telephone fee  water rate  phone fee

paging fee  journal fee gas rate  toll fee  tax payment  otherlodging﹍﹍

    2. The self-service terminal fee of ICBC (No commission fee, available in any ICBC in Zhejiang)

   Payment Process: Click “payment” in the operation interface of ICBC self-service terminal → insert your bank card → input password → enter the payment page → click payment voucher→ tuition → click Zhejiang Gongshang Universityinput student ID → input payment fee accordingly → check and confirm → done.

  Print receipt: Please ask the bank employee for assistance with completing a blank payment voucher and click recommended item →click print voucher → click connection of school and bank → input payment date → click “Zhejiang Gongshang University” → put in the voucher required to be printed and click “print”.

Notes: Commission fee is not required for both the self-service terminal payment of ICBC and payment on E-bank of ICBC, but you must pay in full. You could login the school homepage, and click successively “information service”—“payment management platform” and entering fee enquiry system of school for further information.

(二)Payment on E-bank of ICBC (No commission fee, without geographical restrictions)

   Process: Login personal E-bank of ICBC click payment center → click payment online → click Zhejiang Gongshang University Tuition or Zhejiang Gongshang University tuition payment (nationwide)” → click paymentinput student ID → input payment fee accordingly → insert U aegis → input password of  U aegis (USB key) → check and confirm → done.

Attention please:

    After making the payment, please go to office 520 of College of International Education (before 20th June, 2015) to get documents concerning Visa Application and residential permission. Besides, you should go to the police office to extend your visa and residential permission a week and 30 days before expiration respectively.

(三)Fee scale




Accommodation Fee


Liberal arts such as Economy Management


7,800 RMBnew standard single room

5,200 RMBold standard single room

3,250 RMBnew standar d double room

2,600 RMBold standard double room




All majors



All majors


Language student

Xiasha Campus


3,900 RMBnew standard single room

2,600 RMBold standard single room

1,625 RMBnew standard single room

1,300 RMBold standard single room

Jiaogong Road Campus



Notes: Payment=tuition+ accommodation fee, one year for degree students, one semester for language students. Personal fee scale can be checked in the payment management platform after 30th May.

(四)Tuition receipts

Please keep your cash receipt, Personal electronic transfer voucher. At the beginning of the semester, please go to College of International Education for the Zhejiang Provincial Government Unified Bills of Income Duty so that you can register for the new semester.

(五)Online enquiry about payment information, contact way and registration

1. Enquiry for payment information

   Since 1st June, payment information can be checked through logging in the school payment management platform.

2. Login method of payment management platform

step one: Login the school homepage, click successively “information service”—“payment management platform”.

Step two: Open the page of payment management platform, and fill in the login information. Passport of the enrollment is user’s name; password has already been set as 123456, you’d better revise your password when you login; the status is “student”.

Step three: After login, you will see “personal maintenance” and “students payment”.

Personal maintenance: You could revise login password.

Students payment: Enquiry for Personal Payment Information for checking the fee that should be paid and has been paid.

(六)Telephone:(ICBC0571-8996130589961338(school finance department) 0571-28877308(College of International Education) 0571-28008675

(七)Other items:

  Please do pay in full according to this instruction.

                 College of International Education,

Zhejiang Gongshang University

                                                             29 June 2015

Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, No. 18 School Street
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