Hangzhou China Global Tour 2015 with the participation of the International Students

Bougueu Tchuentse Christelle

School of Tourism and City Administration


Hangzhou China Global Tour 2015 with the participation of the International Students of Zhejiang Gongshang University

Global Tour 2015 is a social media campaign announced by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission (HTC) and launched in New York, June 3, 2015; the purpose of this inter-continental event is to promote U.S. travel to a destination emerging on the global stage:  Hangzhou, China, known for its beauty, perfect blend of traditional and modern Chinese experiences, and has become China's top launch pad for tech start-ups, including home of e-commerce giant, 阿里巴巴.  For this year, the event has seen the participation of thousands of families that registered through the event official website www.globaltour.com , but only one family will got the chance to travel to seven (07) countries: Hangzhou, Dunhuang in China; Mykonos, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Venice, Italy; Geneva, Switzerland; Paris, France; Boston, Massachusetts (Hangzhou's U.S. "sister city"); and finally ending in New York City.

Five families reached the final and the International students of Zhejiang Gongshang University were honored to participate to the event by supporting the five finalists; Xixi Westland Park was the destination chosen to hold the next step of the competition; first, each family should adopt one of the foreign students as a member of their own family and then there will be draw during which each family is assigned a task; in total there were five tasks as we had five families 1- sing the local Opera, 2- practice Kungfu, 3- pottery, 4- Making Tea, 5- Making Rice Dumplings. Each family had to help the foreigner to achieve successfully the task that has been assigned to them to get the chance to be the winner and have a trip tour around the world.


1-Sing the local Opera

Dressed with a traditional Chinese local Opera’s Costume, Bougueu Tchuentse Christelle originated from Cameroon and international student in Zhejiang Gongshang University is about to perform on the Stage, around her is her family, dressed in Orange who is going to support and encourage her during her performance.



2-Practice Kungfu

Also an international student from Zhejiang Gongshang University DELA CRUZ Angelika originated from Philippines here in the middle is performing in Kungfu, it is not easy for her but she is trying as she can to follow the Chinese master in Kungfu dressed in white and her family also present to encourage her .

3-Making Rice Dumplings

The red family was supported by KALEVATYKH Yana; international Student from Ukraine, her family was assigned the task to help her find a place where she can learn with their support how to make Chinese rice dumplings.

Other countries were also present in the competition; Mexico was represented by Olivia, a student in Hotel management and Ben from Canada; they respectively performed in Chinese Art Tea and the pottery.

The first edition is over the winner called “the Superman Family” will be granted with a free trip tour around the world, they will visit in total 7 Countries in 30 days and experience new cultures, Environments and most of all carry along with them, in their luggage the knowledge about their own city Hangzhou, the history, culture and philosophy of Chinese people, Hangzhou beauty, and the culture of Tea to share with people of those countries they are going to visit.


Hi! I'm Angel from Philippines, and i wanna share my experience for participating in Hangzhou China Global Tour 2015. I had a great experience, it was so fun and awesome day with my team mates (Xu Family). They treated me as their family as well. We had a task that need to accomplish, and that is to find a Kungfu teacher to teach us, i was so excited because this is my first time to learn Kungfu. Yes! It's a kind of game that we have to get a score. So we walked, asked people around, run over here and run over there! And finally! After our long journey we found him! Because of them I've learn how to do Kungfu, it's so interesting and i really like it! But while we doing that, it’s a little bit tiring cause we took a lot of takes for filming it , from morning until afternoon, but i don't mind it instead i enjoyed it ! Its kinda game show that if whose families gonna win in this competition will surely can travel around the world for seven countries. Wow! So lucky right? So I wish a best and luck for them!

Hey Christelle,

Sorry for the late email, I’ve been extremely busy with work; hopefully I’m not too late. Here's a bit of my experience that day. Overall positive experience, nice meeting local families and being a part of that experience. My pottery experience was amazing.

First we went into the workshop, where i was introduce to the grandmaster, who was an elderly lady.

Then one of her pupil showed us how to make the vase that i had to replicate.

Apparently, to master how to do the vase it takes 3 years, and i was learning in 1 hour as it was my first ever time doing pottery.

Then it was my turn, the film crew began filming as i tried to replicate from scratch. I had the grandmaster, her pupil, and my family all around helping me but i hadn’t expected it would be so hard so i fail miserably. Second time, due to time restriction, her pupil prep it half way, then i just had to make the whole and shape the vase which again prove tricky as i was making the base to thin so it would break, the second and third time. Finally on the 4th try, i manage to make what looks somewhat like a small vase. Harder than expected is trying to control the speed of the turning wheel as either to slow or too fast you will lose easily lose control and will affect the shape you’re trying to make. i was basically asking every second directions from the grandmaster and her pupil. At the end, they let me take my first vase home as a souvenir. It was really a great experience; everyone was so friendly and helpful. I have some pictures we took, if you need some just let me know.


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