School Introduction

      School of Tourism & City Administration at Zhejiang Gongshang University, founded in 1983, is one of the earliest colleges to establish the major of Tourism Management, which is the provincial key discipline of Zhejiang Province. The school has a perfect academic program, including postdoctoral research station, doctoral program and master program (both academic type and professional type) in Tourism Management; and many teaching and research institutions, such as Zhejiang Academy of Tourism Sciences, Zhejiang Qualification Certification Center for Professional Manager of Chinese Hotel Industry , and Tourism Planning and Design Institute of ZJSU, etc.

Currently, the school consists of 3 departments, namely, the department of Tourism Management, the department of Geography Rural & Rural Planning Management, the department of International Hotel Management, and offers 1 postdoctoral program, 1 doctoral degree program and 1 master degree program of tourism management, 3undergraduate programs with 3 majors including tourism management, international hotel management, geography rural & rural planning management. The school serves more than 1000 students and there are 50 qualified and competent faculty members. The academic staffs have a wide range of research interests and have been involved in several major research projects sponsored by government.

School of Tourism & City Administration has invited the experts and scholars with great prestige in the professional field both at home and abroad to give lectures. And we have been advancing International exchanges with many famous colleges and universities, including the University of South Carolina in the United States, University of San Francisco, University of Angers in France, University of Manchester, University of Plymouth, Kumamoto University in Japan, Hunan University in South Korea, and so on. Besides, we have established the cooperative relationship with many organizations, such as World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association, China Hotel Association, China Cuisine Association, and tourism sectors and famous enterprises of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Shanxi, and Shandong, etc.

      The college has frequent international interactions with various international partners, including USA Purdue University, Canada Quebec University, France Angers Unversity, World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association. It also has made wide-range co-operations with China Hotel Association, China Culinary Association, the tourism organizations and enterprises of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Shanxi, Shandong provinces. In addition, a quiet number of internship bases were established for its students, which lay a solid foundation for their professional practices and social interactions.


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