Address from Dean of School to School of Tourism and City Administration(STCA)Zhejiang Gongshang University.

Our school was founded in 1983, is one of the earliest colleges to establish the major of Tourism Management, which is the provincial key discipline of Zhejiang Province. Over 1,000 undergraduates, more than 100 graduates (including about ten doctoral students)  are enrolled in the STCA and a majority of our 50 academic staff possess industry managerial and oversea experience. For 30 years, we have had good reputation of educating students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to become industry professionals with exciting careers in the tourism and city planning industries.

In 2013, STCA ranked Number four in China for tourism & hospitality management program by Research Center for China’s Science Evaluation (RCCSE). As we move forward, we are seeking to scale new heights in the future. To equip our students to meet the challenge of industry is central to our program. We need to provide the students with appreciated practical lessons and to enhance their understanding through experiential learning.

STCA aims to become one of the leading international education and research centers of tourism management and city planning in China and promote excellent teaching and research accordingly. As the Dean of STCA, it gives me a great honor to welcome you and hope STCA will be your first step on a path to an exciting international career.       



Dr. Kaigang Yi

Dean, Professor

School of Tourism and City Adminstration Zhejiang Gongshang Unviersity


Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, No. 18 School Street
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