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  • Ying Wang
    Ms. Wang is Professor, has Master Degreeform Zhejiang University of Management. Her research Interests are Attractions Management,Tourism development & planning.She puts her emphasis on Tourism Development and Management. She teaches Visitor Attractio
  • Guoxin Wang
    Mr. Wang is Associate Professor of Tourism Planning and Urban Ecology, Ph.D of Ecology, Master of Tourism Economics. His current research interests include Tourism Planning, Eco-tourism, Attraction Management and Urban Ecology. He gives courses of Tourism
  • Jun Wu
    Ms. Jun Wu is Associate Professor, Director of International Affairs at School of Tourism and City Administration (STCA) of Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou China with over 17 years’ experience in tourism industry and academia. She has been presi
  • Yan Zhong
    She is Associate Professor of STCA and National level Hotel Star Rating Commentator, Vice Director of Hotel Development Committee of Zhejiang Hotel Association, Member of Zhejiang Restaurant Star Rating Committee, Accounting Major Education Committee of Z
  • Qing Xu
    Ms. Xu is Associate Professor and has Master Degree of Landscape Design. Her interested research direction are Landscape Design And Planning, Rural Tourism and New Countryside Construction and Regional Tourism Development and Protection. In STCA, her cour
  • Xiaojian Hu
    Ms. Hu is Associate Professor and Bachelor of STCA. Her research focus is Tourism Management. And she gives courses : Catering Management, Hotel Management, Principles of Management, Financial Management
  • Yi Chen
    Ms. Chen is Professor and PHD. She focus on Urban Planning & Design and gives courses of Urban Detailed Planning and Design, History of the Urban Construction.
  • Xuewang Dong
    Mr. Dong is Associate Professor,PHD. He researches on Eco-tourism, Low Carbon Tourism, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Tourism and Tourism Planning. And he has some achievements. He teaches Tourism Geography, Tourism Planning, Attraction Management,
  • Haixia Zhang
    Ms. Zhang is Associate Professor and PHD. Her research direction Heritage Tourism &Tourism Regulation attracts the government’s attention. She also puts emphasis on Public Recreation. In STVA, she teaches Tourism Culture, Tourism Development & Man
  • Jingjing Guan
    Dr Jingjing Guan is an associate professor and supervisor of master in and the deputy head of Tourism Management Department, School of Tourism and Urban-Rural Planning, Zhejiang Gongshang University. Before joined in the school, she received her PhD degre
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