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  • Jie Yin
    Mr. Yin is young Associate Professor and PHD. His research focuses on Climate change and Urban Flood Risk Assessment. And he teaches Physical Geography.
  • Yan ZHANG
    Yan ZHANG, is born in Ningbo City, China, in Dec. 1978. She got PhD degree of Tourism Planning and designing in Kumamoto University, Japan in 2009, and Hotel Management Administration (HMA) degree in Switzerland in 2002. Her major fields are Tourism plann
  • Fei Su
    Mr. Su is Lecturer, PHD. He is also the Director of STCA Laboratory. City and Regional Development occupies all of his research attention. And he teaches Urban Planning, Urban Geography, Human Geography.
  • Kewen Liu
    Mr. Liu is Lecturer of STCA and has Doctor Degree. His research focus on Regional Development and Planning , Regional Policy. He teaches Physical Geography, Tourism Resources Development and Management,Regional analysis and Regional Planning.
  • Jianren Shi
    Mr. Shi is Associate Professor at STCA and PHD. He teaches Urban Planning & Design, Architectural Design. His research direction are Engineering Drawing and Initiatory Architecture.
  • Wang Shengguo
    His Research Field is Dietary Culture. And his major achievements: He has had more than 20 monographs and text books printed and 50 papers published since 1987. He has presided and participate 5 research projects. He was rewarded the third prizes by Natio
  • Xu Rihui
    Gender: maleTitle: professorResearch Fields: Tourism CultureMajor Achievements: He has had 8 monographs and 10 co-written books such as printed, and more than 130 academic papers such as The Historic Value of Confucius’s Travel Theory, Traditions and Chin
  • Xu Jianchun
    Gender: MaleTitle: ResearcherResearch Fields: Tourism Planning and ManagementMajor Achievements: He has presided and completed 7 ministry – and provincial – level key research project and 20 other research projects. He has had more than 100 papers publish
  • Cui Fengjun
    Gender: maleTitle: ProfessorResearch Fields: Tourism Enterprises Operation and ManagementMajor Achievements: He teaches the lessons of Management of Scenic Areas, Tourism Environmental Protection, and so on. He has had more than 100 papers published in th
  • Zhao Rongguang
    Gender: male Title: professorResearch Fields: Dietary CultureMajor Achievements: He is the founder of the subject of dietary culture and dietary history in China. His scholarship formed one whole system and was called ‘Zhao’s Theory’ by academic circle. H
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