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  • Kaigang Yi
    Mr. Yi is the Dean of STCA. He is Professor and has Post-doctor experience. His major teaching courses are Tourism Culture, Marketing Planning and Corporate Social Responsibility. His specialization and research interests are followed: Tourism Format Inno
  • Siwei Zheng
    Mr. Zheng is Professor, Deputy Dean of STCA, and PHD in Management. He pays attention to Tourism Industry Development and Management, Tourism Service Supply Chain Optimization and New Forms Development of Tourism. His major teaching courses are Tourism De
  • Zhenglan Lu
    Her research fields are Tourism Resource Development and Protection. And her major achievements: She has had several papers and books such as Green Hotel, Hotel Environment Management published, and participated the "Green Hotel" standards enacting projec
  • Daijian Tang
    Mr. Tang is a Professor and the former Dean of School Toursim of Tourism and City Administration He has presided and completed 132 tourism planning projects for Guangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Anhui and Shandong provinces. He also has comple
  • Lufang?Guo
    Lufang Guo is a professor of Tourism Management at Zhejiang Gongshang University and the Department Director of Tourism Management. She obtained a Ph.D. in Economics. Her research area covers tourism management and leisure economics. She is also a directo
  • Xin Yang
    Mr. Yang,Associate Professor of STCA and Advisor of China Cuisine Culture Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Cuisine Culture Association. His Areas of Research Expertise: Hotel F&B Operation Hotel management and business and Hotel planning ,Cante
  • Jue Chen
    Mr. Chen is a professor and PhD in management.His research interests embrace tourism management, service design and operation management. He has published (coauthored) more than 20 papers (most of them indexed by SSCI and EI) and 10 books and received 2 p
  • Chunbin Wang
    Mr. Wang is a Lecturer ,PHD, Director of City Planning Department of STCA.His expertise of research is urban planning and economic. And he teaches geography principles of urban planning, regional planning.
  • Xianhong Bian
    He is a professor.During the 2004.9-2007.6 ,he obtaining the degree of doctor of science, College of Geography science, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing city Jiangsu province in China, Major in tourism management & planning.His research interests: T
  • Qian Cheng
    Mr. Cheng is associate professor His research Fields is Tourism Resource Development and Protection. And his major achievements: He has presided and participated 5 office- and provincial-level projects, and had nearly 20 papers published, among which 3 we
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